Anthony Najjar Simon

I've built and shipped several projects for companies such as Deutsche Bank, Porsche, Ravensburger, as well as in-house IPs. Also created the most popular open source image processing project for Google's Go.

Topics that interest me include Bootstrapping Businesses, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning and Computer Graphics.

For my open source projects, check out Github.


Translation management platform for teams

An open SaaS in which once you setup your project, you can import and export your translations to various formats, work together with your team, instantly deliver translation updates over the air, and soon automatically translate your project via third-party integrations. You can check it out here.


Parallel Image Processing Library

A library of parallel image processing algorithms I created and maintain. Written entirely in Go and it's currently the language's most popular image processing library. You can check it out here.


Open Source Localization Management Platform

A project I built to help multidisciplinary teams localize their software projects and facilitate integration via a REST API. Built with Go (backend) and Angular 2 (frontend). You can check it out here.

In Requiem

Oculus VR Game

An experimental VR game that I developed together with Alberto Carrillo as our Graduation Project from Universidad Veritas. I'm fully responsible for the Technical Direction, Shading/Lighting and Music Composition, and share credit for the Interaction Design, UX research and Game Design. You can try it out here.


Hobby Social Web App

A twitter-like web app I made over a few weekends as a learning exercise. Currently in MVP stage, next I'll be iterating over the look and feel of the app. Check out the latest progress here.

Find the Way

Casual mobile game

An iOS game I developed on my second year of college. It reached Top 50 Most Downloaded Games in over 12 countries. I'm fully responsible for all Design, Development, Music and Publishing.


Lighting TD toolbelt

On my second year of college I realized that lighting a 3D scene involved way too many repetititve steps that got in the way of the creative process. So I wrote a small script using Python to automate part of the process in Autodesk Maya. I decided to put it online for the 3D community and it received thousands of downloads within the first few weeks and five star ratings.

Dear Child

Award winning short film

A Short Film which is the result of a collaboration with two other students for Intel's Computer Clubhouse Network. I partipated as a Screenwriter, Editor and Music Composer. It won the Best Narrative Award by Adobe (1st out of 1500+ entries).