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On launching Panelbear

14 Oct, 2020

Panelbear was started by me not feeling at home in any of the existing solutions in the analytics space. I felt they were either too simple, or too complicated. What I wanted was a simple and powerful analytics tool that respects the privacy of my website visitors. Panelbear aims to become that, and it’s the product of countless hours of intensive research, building, tuning and continuous iteration.

Thank you

About a month and a half ago the early-access period started, and I’ve had some tremendous learnings from Panelbear’s early customers. I must say, thank you all for the amazing feedback! It’s been truly encouraging it’s exactly what I need in the early stages of the product.

Each week since early September I’ve launched new features and functionality, bringing Panelbear a little bit closer to the initial public launch.

To new beginnings

That’s why, after countless hours (and coffee mugs), I’m super happy to announce that Panelbear is officially open for business!

The launch was just a few days ago, and it’s amazing to already see so many websites integrate with our private analytics solution.

Next steps

For the next weeks I’ll be working on rolling out the improved documentation and information pages to help everyone make the most out of Panelbear.

After that I’ll be working on the next major feature: Data explorer. This will enable you to not only see the top metrics but also slice and dice the data any way you want it.

Here’s to the first of hopefully many more feature launches to come!